Leadership – Motivating his team


Larry Page provides employees with both financial and non-financial motivation. Google’s benefits and perks include:

  • Health insurance/health care coverage
  • On-site physicians, nurses and convenient medical services and
  • Retirement benefits
  • Free massages, fitness and gym facilities (so employees can be healthier and more relaxed)
  • Free first-class meals
  • Free transportation
  • Travel insurance and emergency assistance (even on personal vacations)
  • Time off and family allowance for new parents

Page focuses on the relationship between families and employees these perks help create. Employees at Google are equal and have the freedom to create whatever they want, which makes them feel empowered and also a sense of belonging.

The motivation theories Larry Page uses are Mayo & Herzberg’s theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A participative management style will encourage the greatest motivation. He believes that treating people well is more important than making money.



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