The culture within Google


Google doesn’t follow a specific corporate culture as it has a mixture of all. Inspired by his grandfather, Larry Page states that his job as a leader is to ensure that every Googler has opportunities. He wants his employees to feel that they’re having a meaningful impact and are contributing to the good of the society. Google strives to maintain an open culture where everyone is a contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Every week, Googlers can ask questions directly to Page and other executives about any company issues.

Page is also known for his principle of “fire your assistant” where he encourages employees to ditch intermediaries. His secretary scheduled too many undesired meetings for him which caused her to become fired. He wants people to meet him personally to schedule appointments.

The company policy made by Larry Page is to think outside the bubble. He uses the 70/20/10 rule where employees spend

  • 70 percent of time on core business (search and advertising)
  • 20 percent on related projects (e.g. Google News and Google Earth)
  • 10 percent on unrelated new businesses



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